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Wholesale Pre-Prepared Potatoes | 4 Steps To Perfectly Roasting Your Potatoes For Your Barbeque

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If you've decided to throw a huge barbeque to celebrate your partner's birthday, you'll need to prepare wisely. When you're catering for several people at home, you'll need to take one task at a time to get it right. If you've sorted out your meats, vegetables and drinks for the barbeque, it's time to turn your attention to roasting potatoes in your oven. You can buy wholesale pre-prepared potatoes to ease your preparations, or you can buy commercial bulk potatoes and prepare them yourself. Either way, here are some steps to help you perfectly roast potatoes for your barbeque.  

Choose Your Spuds

For roasted potatoes, you'll want crispy skin with a creamy centre. Good potatoes for roasting in Australia are Sebago, Dutch Cream and Desiree. If you're not in the mood for washing and halving, you can buy wholesale pre-prepared potatoes to reduce your preparatory effort. These pre-washed and halved potatoes only require seasoning before they are boiled and roasted.  

Par Boil the Potatoes

If you want delicious soft creaminess on the inside, the trick is to par boil your potatoes to let them cook evenly. Simply place the cut potatoes into a saucepan with salted, cold water. Let them boil for a few minutes. Keep in mind that you only want to cook them partially, so just a few minutes should be good enough to warm them up. Drain and shake the potatoes well to fluff up their outsides –– this creates a delicious outside crunchiness.

Coat Your Potatoes With Oil

Your potatoes will need a good oil coating to boost their crispiness when placed in the oven. You can use vegetable oil to give your spuds a delectable crunch. If you want to choose something a little healthier for your guests, use extra virgin olive oil. After coating the potatoes, add oil to large roasting pans and place them in a preheated oven for a few minutes. Once the pans are hot, place the potatoes in them and put the pans back in the oven. Depending on the number of guests and the size of your oven, you may need to assume more than a single round of roasting.

Let Your Potatoes Roast

Let your potatoes roast for at least half an hour without disturbing them. Turn them over and continue roasting until you notice a nice golden or crisp outside finish. You can use a fork to check whether the potatoes are done on the inside. Once your potatoes are done, you can serve them immediately or set them aside until you are ready to serve your guests.

Minimise your preparatory effort by choosing wholesale pre-prepared potatoes and follow these steps to perfectly roast them.