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How Ginger Could Help Your Medical Symptoms

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Ginger. It's a root prized for its unique, fiery taste and a key component of many dishes around the world; in particular, ginger is often found in Indian and Chinese cooking, and don't forget about the classic sweet treat gingerbread.

What's not so well known is the range of health benefits ginger can provide, adding practical uses to the culinary capabilities you get when you buy minced ginger. Take a look at some of the things ginger can help with, and next time you're ill, it might just be your best friend.


Just a small dose of ginger has been shown to have a significant effect in combating nausea. It works for any kind of sickness, whatever the cause. That means that ginger can be a more natural alternative to travel sickness pills if you need to take a trip on a boat or plane or a long car journey. A little bit of ginger before you set off can help stave off the sickness, and having some on hand in case you need more increases your coverage.

One of the types of nausea where ginger has been most studied is the morning sickness some women experience during pregnancy. Not only does ginger make it less severe in women who feel sick, it also happens less often, so it might be an essential part of your diet if you experience this problem.

Digestive problems

From minor stomach aches to chronic indigestion, ginger can relieve the symptoms and decrease the time you have them. Tests have shown that taking some ginger before a meal encourages the stomach to empty faster, which can really help with digestive issues, particularly excess acid.


Having a good, hearty dose of ginger in your food or made into a tea will increase sweating. While that's not always desirable, if you're ill with a cold it has a detoxing effect. This means your symptoms will clear up faster and your body will have an easier time fighting off the virus. In addition, the warming effect of ginger is comforting and makes you feel better psychologically.


Ginger contains substances called gingerols, which are highly effective anti-inflammatory agents. Consuming ginger regularly can help reduce the pain of both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, loosening your joints and making you feel noticeably better.

Post-exercise aches

The anti-inflammatory gingerols are not just good for helping with medical conditions. They're also excellent at fighting the muscular pains associated with exercise, so next time you hit the gym hard, have a few cups of ginger tea the next day.